Catherine is a researcher, writer, and activist. Utilizing insight from journalism, public records, academia, meta-analyses, and human experiences, Catherine takes an intersectional approach to understanding and resolving pressing issues plaguing behavioral health, homelessness, human rights, reproductive politics, and socio-economic justice. She has an affinity for stray animals and should not be left unattended at any animal shelter. 

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"A Sliver of Silver in Silver Linings Playbook: A Look at Mental Illness in Film." The Feminist Wire. February 22, 2013. To read, click here.

"The System is What's Crazy." The Feminist Wire. March 14, 2012. To read, click here.

"Preventing the Undesirables: Forced Sterilization & Eugenics in the U.S. and Abroad." The Feminist Wire. November 10, 2011. To read, click here.  

"Rap & Wall Street." The Feminist Wire. October 26, 2011. To read, click here.